The Power of the Pause, the moment the auction changes

Sometimes in life, business or relations, we must stop and pause. But by stopping, we are not doing nothing, in fact the point at which we stop may be the point of greatest change, when the most happens.

The philosopher Lao-Tzu said, “when nothing is done, nothing is left undone.” He promoted the idea of doing without doing.

When we think of taking a break, or pausing, we think we are stopping because pause means to stop. However, the definition also includes the phrase give pause which means to “cause someone to think carefully.”

In my years as an auctioneer I notice that, just as with life, the greatest change in the event happens just after the pause. The room gets quiet, the item goes once, goes twice, and then the bidding begins anew, with vigor. Something changes during that brief moment, and the auction is reborn.

I invite you to take this moment to give yourself pause. And then start again, with vigor.

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