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The word service can be used to mean many things: to work for or to fix. Service is another word for military and signifies offering kindness or aid.

Many of us serve our community at the local school, church, or soup kitchen. We may serve our country in politics, government or the military.

And some of us do charity work. When we participate as members on the board of a non-profit our work incorporates all of the definitions of service.

Those who put their time, money and creative energy into non-profits provide a service to those in need. They fix and refine goals and work out positive solutions to funding, development and distribution. Sometimes the work requires strong decisions and great change, a virtual attack on the obstacles.

But the last definition, to offer kindness and aid, is what serving on the board or in any capacity, really comes down to. We are dedicated to the cause and we know we can make a difference. But above all, we believe the greatest gift is ourselves: the gift of service.

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