We’ve all heard the word nourish. Perhaps it makes us think of skincare or food and nutrition.

It does mean to provide sustenance.

But it also means to aid, strengthen and enrich. In that sense, when we get involved with non-profit or charitable organizations, we seek to nourish the needs of those in society who are not as lucky, healthy, free or accepted.

By working together with companies that help the needy, we can each reach vast numbers of people.

When you make a bid at a charity auction, you are allocating money and power behind the effort. When you volunteer at a charity, you are offering your valuable time into that organization. When you work for a charitable organization, you are putting your strength, sweat and faith in reaching that organization’s goal.

As we look to spring and the earth’s renewal, recommit yourself to nourishing the organizations that matter in your life; by making a bid at an auction, volunteering a weekend or at an event or even committing your career to the cause!

As a leading benefit auctioneer, I am dedicated to helping deserving organizations across the country meet and exceed their fundraising goals. Take your non-profit auction to the next level. Contact benefit auctioneer Karen Sorbo to learn more.

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