Those who know me know my motto: “If you make the people who give $25 feel just as special as those who gave $25,000, you’ll have work the next day.”

This is my motto not only because I like to stay gainfully employed, but also because I believe that the significance of the gift is not in the numbers, but in the faith that prompts it.

Big or small, all of us yearn for our contributions to be acknowledged and appreciated. It is often this simple acknowledgment that makes giving feel good, and part of what motivates future giving.

Can you imagine a charity that refused gifts of less than $25,000? Of course not! Historically most gifts to charities have been small, given by regular folk: Unicef raised 96 million dollars through trick-or-treaters collecting small change on Halloween. The March of Dimes, which took its contributions a dime at a time, has raised 1.7 billion since 1970. Each one of those coins pushed the cause forward, engendered more faith and grew the giving.

Whether at an auction, in an envelope or a cardboard collection box, the importance your contribution is not measured in the numbers before the decimal. Its weight lies in your heart, in your belief that every contribution is meaningful and moves the cause forward.

Each and every gift you’ve contributed has made a difference. Thank you!

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