Your Inner Butterfly

Your Inner Butterfly by Karen Sorbo

If you take a true story, add raw emotion, embrace the experience, and allow space for reflection, you will gain wisdom.

Story ~ Emotion ~ Experience ~ Reflection ~ Wisdom

Your Inner Butterfly


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It is for this reason that I wrote this book, with the hope of adding value to your life through the stories and lessons contained hereafter. We all have a story, the golden thread that is the culmination of all our experiences, some worse than others. I certainly know that there are many out there who have gone through far worse than I. When we embrace the idea that our past stories had a purpose specially designed for each of us, then we can begin to re-write the way we viewed and perceived that which has happened to us, into that which has happened for us.

It is my hope that as I tell the healing pain and joy in my life story, you will see the same in yours. As I express the valleys and peaks of my emotions, you will find peace in your own. As I describe trials and challenges of my experiences, you will draw knowledge and inspiration from them. And, as I pause to slowly reflect, you will relate with others and do the same; through this, perhaps much deeper relationships will be built.