"Words cannot express our deepest gratitude for your generous participation in our Unstoppable Gala again this year. You are always a delight to work with and you added so much to our evening. People were RAVING about you and how fun you were. Your contribution that evening will enable us to bring education to 1,500 children. With Love & Gratitude"
~ The Unstoppable Foundation (March 2014)

"We are still in shock and awe…we could not be more pleased and we attribute this incredible success in large part to you. Thank you for your passion and commitment to the cause…You are a dynamic spirit!"
~ Step Up Program – Augsburg College (October 2013)

"Thank you for all your hardwork on our gala event, “The Celebration”. Your skills are an integral part of our gala team and success. We are grateful to have you, and glad you have found new fundraising event contacts at our gala. Looking forward to working with you again next year."
~ Crested Butte Music Festival (July 2013)

"Without you, we do not know how or if we would have raised any funds. You are a gift to us!"
~ Zenon Dance Company (April 2013)

"Thank you for your role in making our event a success. We appreciate the time and energy you spent preparing for the live auction and fund-a-need! You brought an energy that was needed at our event. You are Classy, Warm, Kind & Friendly. Looking forward to working with you again."
~ St. David’s Center – Child & Family Development (March 2013)

“YOU were fantastic! I must admit we were all a little nervous signing you on even though we had only heard wonderful things about you. You EXCEEDED our expectations by far!!! Not only are you a true professional at your craft… you are down to earth and make people feel comfortable and excited all at the same time… hope you consider coming back next year!"
~ St. Stephen’s Church (February 2013)

“Here at Opportunity Partners we are still walking on air...You were sensational and did a superlative job for us. You are the best!"
 Opportunity Partners "Fabulous '50s Gala (April 2012)

"Simply put, you are the best! What a fabulous job you did. Everyone raved about you -- the audience adores you and, as usual, you have them eating from your hand. you have always been there for us. You absolutely have a passion for our mission -- and you never let us down!!! Thank you for your wonderful, contagious spirit.”
~ Perspectives Family Services

“Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job last night. And I still can't get over that you were dressed in our Rockin Eden Colors...you looked beautiful. What a pleasant surprise when the auction got underway...I couldn't believe the energy level in the room and how excited the people seemed. You are so adept at getting people to agree with the two-fers and that alone brought in so much more money...Thank you.”
~ Mary Mackmiller/ mackmiller design + build

“Thank you so much for being the host for the Hughes Foundation benefit. You were such a blessing and inspiration to all of us and we are so grateful for your commitment to this fantastic event!"
~ Jerry Hughes/Hughes Foundation

“Great night!! Lots of fun and a warm room! You rocked it! Tremendous!!"
~ Bolder Options

“Thank you Karen for another wonderful job on Saturday. It has been a blessings to have you part of our event the past 2 years. I personally want to thank you as well as for the encouragement and blessing that you have been to us this year. You are truly a God-Send”
~ The Chapel Hill Academy

“We are so glad you were a part of our gala. Thank you for your wonderful work. We admire the way you work the crowd and make them raise their paddles. It’s a true work of art!”
~ The French Academy of Minnesota

“Please know how blessed we feel to have you on our team! We wanted to give you something a little extra because you have been so kind. We will go out on a limb for you.”
~ Treehouse

“So many positive comments on the auction. Thank you so much. When you have a moment, could you send me another folder with your references and services? I had many requests for it.”
~ Alzheimer’s Association

“Another fabulous job!!! Thank you. This year was a HUGE success & we appreciate all you did to make it happen.”
~ Ronald McDonald House

“Thank you so much for your work. You did a tremendous job and I heard many very positive comments. I hope we can maintain your interest for our future events.”
~ Minnesota Historical Society

“We were very impressed in how you handled your duties. It was not only very business-like, but very entertaining. The people in attendance had a lot of fun and they did not feel uncomfortable “shelling out the coin” for the cause.”
~ St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

“Thank you Karen for doing a phenomenal job!! We made well over our goal.” ~ Ordway Theater “Karen Sorbo had Herculean results. Good times were had by all.”
~ House of Hope

“Absolutely awesome job. So many comments from people on how energetic and fun you were…Thank you for your guidance.”
~ Home Free Domestic Abuse

“You are so sweet! We were so thrilled to have you with us again this year…What a success.”
~ Wingspan Life Resources

“The auction was a HUGE success! You are great to work with….we had a blast with you!!”
~ Duluth Art Institute

“Thanks SO much for everything that you have done for us in dealing with this event. You did an amazing job and the event would not have been successful without YOU. You cannot even know how much you helped us.”
~ World Vision/Young Life

“You were terrific!!...Guests told us how much they enjoy you and your style. We are so grateful for YOU.”
~ PFund

“We are aware that your fees are going up, but we have created such a buzz this year and we want you on our TEAM. We will not take “no” for an answer.”
~ Make-A-Wish Foundation

“We wish to give special recognition to Karen Sorbo – Auctioneer who helped us raise over $1,000,000.00 net; for our special causes.”
~ Bea & Bill Beddor

“We knew we were in good hands when we first met you & last night you truly proved it. Thank you for picking up the energy and getting people to give. We so appreciate how you handled what wasn’t an ideal situation. Your motivation helped us reach our goal.”
~ Headwaters for Justice

“Everyone was thrilled…You are the best auctioneer we have ever seen…Thank you, Karen…we WANT you again!”
~ Playwright’s Center

“We are so thrilled to work with you again.”
~ Innocence Project

“Karen Sorbo exceeded our wildest expectations.”
~ Cornerstone

“Karen, we just wanted to let you know how much everyone thought you were so great…you SAVED the show. What you did for us was so fantastic!”
~ Kids & Chrome

“We are excited that you will be serving as our auctioneer again. I know that with you the event will be SPECTACULAR.”
~ Science Museum of Minnesota

“The addition of Karen Sorbo as our auctioneer brought the event to a new level.” ~ Minnehaha Academy “The sparkling Karen Sorbo…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….for being such a wonderful friend. We adore you!!!"
~ Perspective Family Center

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with us. We raised more than we ever have with your help. We look forward to next year.”
~ Opportunity Partners

“Thank you for giving us so much of your time and advice. What a success!!”
~ Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

 “Fantastic Job….many, many compliments on how fun you made it. Thanks to your help and expertise, the live auction brought in more than we ever dreamed of.”
~ Chanhassen Rotary

“Thank you for your great work again. We really appreciate the tremendous energy and excitement you always bring to the table.”
~ Special Olympics

"Thank you for your great work at the gala. Not only did we have an excellent financial outcome, many people remarked on how they appreciated your approach. Thank you again Karen."
~ Courage Center

"You were FABULOUS!!! People LOVE you!!! We are sorry that our best efforts to get a good sound system failed. We will take care of that in the future. We have the date set for next year and would love to have you back."
~ Partnership Plan

“Karen...you were smokin’ last night...you were good. I can’t believe how generous people were, it was awesome to see! We are thrilled and wanted to let you know. It was a pleasure working with you!”
~ Jeremiah Program

“You’re just extraordinary! We deeply appreciate your compassion and generosity in helping us raise funds. You showed us your enthusiasm and positive outlook when we were not sure about our ability. Your talent is phenomenal!”
~ The Chamber Music Society of Minnesota

“Karen, you are an incredibly talented person and the gift of your presence that evening made our event a great success. God’s continued blessings to you Karen for all that you do for others.”
~ Mount Calvary Missions

“As always- A fabulous job, Karen. Again and again you help make this event so successful!”
~ District #279

"We are so blessed to have you at our events. Your energy, ideas, caring & enthusiastic spirit and your whole beautiful person just bring so much to an event. Thank you again for all you did to make the gala an 'over the top' huge success. We far exceeded our financial goals. You helped us raise over $650,000."
~ Treehouse

“What an absolute joy to work with you! Thank you so very much for your enthusiasm, energy and dedication to making ‘What’s Your Type” such a smash. You are beautiful inside & out, and brought this event to the next level. Thanks again, Karen.”
~ Memorial Blood Center “What’s Your Type?” benefit (April 2012)

“Not sure what lucky star we sat under to have you involved with the market's benefit, but we couldn't have been more thrilled! It was a beautiful evening and an amazing success fo us, in so small part due to your talent, skill and ability to work magic with a crowd. Really, we were wowed and honored to have you there.”~ Mill City Farmer's Market “You are beautiful inside and out. WOW... Thank you so much for being so good at what you do. You are a tremendous blessing to us."
~ Treehouse for Youth

“It was a pleasure to have seen you while I was in Tulsa attending the Philbrook events. I know everyone appreciated the contribution you made by your amazing auctioneer style--you had everyone on their feet with their wallets open! Please let us know when you’ll be visiting Napa Valley. I would look forward to welcoming you the Far Niente and Nickel & Nickel Vineyard.”
~ Beth Nickel, Proprietress/Far Niente Wine Estate

“WE can’t thank you enough for making the event such a success. None of us here can ever imagine having our event without you. We would love to book you for next year ASAP.”
~ Minnesota Chorale

“You were absolutely smashing! What a great event.” What a response... spontaneous and genuine. Thank you so much for your amazing talents!”
~ Opportunity Partners

"Unbelievable...WOW... You made three times the amount of other years when we didn't have you...Thank you a million times over!!!"
~ Special Olympics

"Karen Sorbo's professionalism and expertise in auctioneering made the live auction our most successful ever. She was able to get top dollar...we highly recommend her ability as an auctioneer."
~ Gillette Children's Hospital Foundation

“Karen Sorbo's enthusiasm, professionalism and dynamic style truly helped raise more dollars than ever anticipated...Our sincere thank you for an excellent job"
~ Goodwill Easter Seals

"Our friend, the lovely Karen Sorbo...you are amazing!!! I know you hear that all the time. Whenever we see you at different events, it is evident how taken people are by you. You are a great asset to so many wonderful organizations."
~ Summit Academy OCI

"Our live auction was extremely successful thanks to Karen's talents as an auctioneer...she facilitated a positive exchange with the audience, which resulted in a profitable evening."
~ Make-A-Wish Foundation

“A huge thank you to Karen...her support and participation were key to the success of the event, we could not have had such great success without her...She was fabulous!!! We are so grateful for her commitment in making the evening success...thanks for caring!"
~ Children's Cancer Kids Fund

"Without hesitation, we highly recommend Karen Sorbo as a professional fundraising auctioneer; Karen made this event exciting for everyone involved. It is evident from her enthusiasm that she truly enjoys what she does. With her engaging personality, she was able to draw out the savvy bidder in everyone."
~ General Mills...Careers in Computers

"What a Performance! Karen was the highlight of the Ball. We have nothing but rave revues about the auction...Karen was the catalyst that made the auction! Her approach to the crowd, her ability to involve the interested bidders, and the "Hype of the Item" brought excitement to the auction."
~ Scholarships/Crisis Grants for College Students

"Karen Sorbo was the cornerstone of our event. Without question, the Gala Committee unanimously agreed that Karen Sorbo is the best auctioneer we have ever seen at an event. She performed exactly as promised in a professional manner and adapted to the challenges we inadvertently threw at her. Net revenues...doubled those of prior years, which we attribute to her part as the auctioneer."
~Team Gilboa Olympic Sponsorship

"Thank you to Karen Sorbo for a phenomenal job as auctioneer...we made well over our projected goal." ~ Ordway Theater “Thank you Karen for working with us...we were honored. We know the auction would not have been as successful without you. Your level of enthusiasm and sense of humor really motivate people. You are such a delightful person to work with.... thank you!"
~ MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

"As you know, the auctioneer performs a key role in a live auction. Karen Sorbo's competence and skills have enabled us to receive optimum benefit from the event. Her commitment and professionalism towards ensuring a quality event has been appreciated."
~ March of Dimes

“Just a note of thanks for everything you did for this year’s event. You provided great feedback during the initial stages. It was great to have you involved. You offered a wonderful element to the evening. Thanks for everything.”
~ Children’s Cancer Research

“I keep replaying your part of the ball…Man you’re good!! You were able to incorporate the mission and message to our guests. You acknowledged contributions and you made it fun! Thank you for making such a difference”
~ Children’s Hospital Association

“Again, thank you for your great performance this year! You handled all the “situations” with great aplomb!!!”
~ Pacer Center

 “Karen, you are amazing! We love you so much…you are part of our family from here on out!”
~ Great Clips Classic

“Karen Sorbo helped us raise more money than ever for the Diabetes Institute.”
~ Diabetes Institute

"Many thanks Karen for working so hard to bring in dollars for us. It was a very fun and very successful evening. Hope to work with you again."
~ American Cancer Society

"Thank you so much for conducting our live auction. We raised more money than any other year in the history of the Club. We would love it if you would agree to host it again next year."
~ The Women's Club of Minneapolis

"We hope we can count on you again to be our celebrity auctioneer. You have done such a beautiful job in the past few years. We have our fingers crossed."
~ MIC Minnesota International Center

“Just a quick note to thank you for making the night such a great success!! We heard nothing but praise for the “auctioneer.” You were wonderful to work with and we appreciate your patience as we “learned” our way through. Your mother was delightful, we are so glad she could join us for the evening. Thank you again Karen for everything!”
~ Lakeview Hospice

"We cannot thank you enough for your willingness to take on our event. You were incredible."
~ Ridgeview Medical Center

“Thank you Karen for all your support & good work. The success of the Gala was incredible. We raised a record of $145,000 to support at-risk families and children. As always it is a pleasure to know you and work with you.”
~ Perspectives

"Last night was far and away the most successful benefit in the Minnesota Chorale's history, and your involvement was the most essential element of that success. And I'm not talking about your skills as an auctioneer, as remarkable as you are in that department: your experience and perspective, your energy and presence...how lucky we are to have you on our TEAM!!!"
~ Minnesota Chorale

“We clicked our heels three times and got a Fabulous Auctioneer!! Thank you so much Karen for doing such a wonderful job.”
~ Minnewashta School

"Thank you for the fabulous job you did at our gala. We heard so many positive comments on your auctioneering. WE far exceeded our financial goals, thanks to you."
~ Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance