Published Testimonials

“Tonight was a silent and live auction to benefit the cause [Lead the Way Foundation]. Karen Sorbo did an amazing job, as always, energizing the crowd and getting their bids going. And the guests' generosity was overwhelming, especially right off the bat when Chad's donation that night was matched immediately.

~ Celebrity Waiter Night, Studio Laguna (Oct/2011)

“One genuine highlight of the night was an ‘auction’ conducted by Karen Sorbo, who announced earlier in the evening that ‘tonight we will raise a quarter of a million dollars for LSS.’ That comment brought a certain amount of laughter from those in attendance. Less than an hour later, a delighted and somewhat surprised audience had given in cash and pledges almost a third of a million dollars!”

~ Paul Harrington, Lutheran Social Services (Nov/2010)

“Raising $100,000,000.00 for good causes is a magnificent achievement, and her life story is all about strength, courage and determination against all odds, she is much more a star than any football or film star around the world. The USA should be absolutely thrilled to bits that they have someone of her stature. It brings back the respect to the USA that is disappearing around the world.”

~ For and Against: The Place to State your Case (Aug/2010)

"Once the soiree was in full swing, the live auction was at a fever pitch under the guidance of near-celebrity status auctioneer Karen Sorbo. Anyone who has watched Sorbo in action knows that this lady knows how to work a room-and takes no prisoners. There is no stopping Sorbo."

~ Mpls/St. Paul Magazine

"We schedule our events around Karen", says Kim Valentini of The Smile Network. "First we call the venue and then we call her. We won't go without her." Valentini believes that in addition to Sorbo's beauty and that warm alto, she has the ability to connect with audiences in a way that other auctioneer's can't. "She has a unique sincerity that comes through. And I don't see other auctioneer's leave the podium the way she does. Karen's comfort is with the people."

~ Mpls/St. Paul Magazine: Quote from Kim Valentini, Smile Network International

"The live auction had items like a Segway, a one year lease on a Bentley, a private jet to an exclusive Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club, and a private jet for eight to Yellowstone with a stay in a $5 million dollar home went for $70,000 SOLD by local favorite auctioneer Karen Sorbo."

~ MARQ Magazine

"So dinner is winding up and the auctioneer Karen Sorbo gets up on stage. She moves through the live auction items as everyone rallies to win nights and dinners, magnum of wines and even children’s Birthday parties. Personally I was so energized by the fun that I had a hard time sleeping."

~ Twin Cities Eats

"The Tuscan-inspired evening, complete with pergola and gondola, was enhanced by Emcee and Auctioneer Karen Sorbo. Karen conducted an exhilarating, crowd pleasing live auction. It wasn’t long before items were going once, going twice SOLD." ~ Hospital Association News

"The live auction of a Mercedes Benz, an astoundingly tricked out playhouse and a posh vacation package was enthrallingly led by va-va-voom pro auctioneer Karen Sorbo."

~ Minneapolis Star & Tribune

"Annual Gala raises $160,000 for the center….guests may have taken up to the silent auction but the live auction perked them all up. Star auctioneer Karen Sorbo, worked the room as only an experienced auctioneer can do, ratcheting up the bids in what seemed like an effortless manner."

~ McShale

"Renowned auctioneer Karen Sorbo is returning this year to help with the Live Auction. Recently featured in Twin Cities Business magazine and the December '06 issue of Mpls/ St. Paul Magazine, as the state’s top charity auctioneer. She is an EVENT in herself."

~ Wayzata School News

The Big Bash: "More than a few good friends of the Jeremiah Program turned our for this year's Bash. About 600 supporters helped raise more than $300,000 for the programs.....auctioneer Karen Sorbo started the bidding for items such as Oprah Winfrey Tickets and a golden doodle puppy that sold for $6,000."

~ MSP Mag Social Datebook

Defeating Duchenne's: "More than 500 people filled the Graves 601 Hotel for the third Bash for Nash raising money for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The event raised more than 1.3 million. The Live Auction had Karen Sorbo at the Helm, and two opportunities to be named as a character in a Vince Flynn novel were sold for $200,000."

~ MSP Mag Social Datebook

"The night was a huge success, the addition to Karen Sorbo as our auctioneer brought the event to a new level. Whether participating in the Live Auction or not, it was fun to watch Karen do her auctioneer stuff."

~ Minnehaha Academy Events Newsletter

Gala EXCEEDS Fundraising Goal: "On March 8th, 2008, more than 300 St. David's' families, friends and staff came together at the Golden Valley Country Club for a night of fun and giving. One of the highlights of the evening was the live auction, led by auctioneer Karen Sorbo. The final for the live auction was record breaking."

~ St. David's Newsletter

Vivere' to Live!! "More than 500 American Cancer Society donors attended the organization's inaugural ‘Vivere to Live.’ The event raised nearly $200,000 for the American Cancer Research. Minnetonka resident Karen Sorbo was the evening's auctioneer."

~ Lake Minnetonka Magazine

"Karen is the ultimate cheerleader. If there is power in female persuasion she possesses a Lioness Share."

~ Mpls/St. Paul Magazine: Quote from Kris Huson Children's Home Society

A True Magician! "Imagine a woman who is smart, attractive, hardworking, committed to fundraising, mother of 2, a rider of Brahma Bulls in a rodeo, a Gospel singer and on top of that a full time professional auctioneer. You would need a Magician to create a woman like this. What if you discovered this same woman was stricken with a rare kidney disease at the young age of 11 that left her paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Yet, magically you will see her, Ms. Karen Sorbo, stroll and walk among us as she leads our live auction."

~ Junior League of Saint Paul Journal

Listen to Sorbo, the Auctioneer… “Bubbly is not strong enough to describe Karen Sorbo...mother of two, a former Mrs. Minnesota and a determined and upbeat woman. She is also one of the most successful charity and benefit auctioneers in the country."

~ Minnetonka Sun Sailor