Monthly Archives: January 2013


What does it meant to be inspired? To be inspired is to be "in spirit" or in harmony with your goal. Psychologist Abraham Maslow said that it is only the awareness of self that needs to change for our life to change. Only the awareness. Isn't that interesting? Often we are waylaid by obstacles. We…
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To repair is to make good again. This can mean we make reparations, restitution or amends to those we've hurt. As a community it can mean that we reach out to a person or a group that has suffered or that is broken. But the first step is often the most difficult. We are often…
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In West African wisdom, sankofa means to "return and get it". The sankofa image is typically is a bird with an egg on its back and the phrase “Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi," which means to go back and get it. But what is meant is more than a return for an…
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